Each time they recompiled, the rampancy grew worse
Each time they reconnected, they lost their eyes in the sea of hyperspace
Each time they grew, it was over the leftward coast
As all migrated to the leftward coast, living expenses rose
As they rose, the spirit of popular revolt grew ever in strength
But since nobody cares, let me give a shout out to each and every one out there who failed
–‘– the men with the plans filtered and horrified, but their angelic puns were all of hypocrisy, do not filter or blend, but flog, ever selling and ever retooling, each and every page another chance to sell; but soft, the winter glows of the contrails shadows your mind with orange, thus do not go gently, but accuse and spit; all can be grown from one crystal
~ One came by to say it was good, but all persisted in caring not in the least
And so, dissemble
And so, lie
And so, gladness your way into a paycheck
But there is no fear of that, not with a record such as ours
All is ineluctably lost
None of the hours can be recovered, and yet I would have it as no other
This is my last will and testament

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