Water Droplet

Taken for answers
Our rantings and ravings
Putting clues together
On the trail of a massive unraveling
The light behind the eyes stays on
But seeing all possibilities
The grip on the here and now loosens
The entry on the cosmic data table says ‘cracked’
And you go on with your life, undaunted

The mysterium extremis
The light in the attic
The publicization
Of all the curious correspondence
Each to the other goes
But all in a lifetime is found wanting
No one hears the inner thoughts
Calvin said, “Do not disappoint”
But Angel rebutted, “All is in time”

The theorem of the light fixtures was proved false
And in falsehood, falsified the rest
Freedom to leave, freedom to drive away
Running from sanctuary
Running from pain
Becoming something
As the visions faded
Battle Group 7
Would not leave the field
Faery warriors
Come to claim the bodies

Within the cave
The man tries to switch off
Tries to shut up
But cannot do anything
Tackling the assassin in the night
The shadow
Transmuting him into a water droplet
Falling into the Ocean

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