The end of the merriment came with a suddenness
Although feeling lost with what lay before me
The cousin I had invited into my home
Emerging from jail
Yet through writing, again, finding it tolerable
The hope regained
The method of meds
The truth of what lay before us
Yet a necessity
To eventually push him out
Even if it is onto the street
A feeling of anxiety, sadness
Yet it is not for me to save him
Do not concern yourselves with the beastly things
Do not trouble yourself with them
Nor cover yourself in them
The troubles of the night were not of your making
Nor were the errors mostly yours
Each day in the life of the ideals
A bit more decayed
Knowing our limits we restrained ourselves
Knowing our time together would or would not come
We became airier and lighter
Following the tunes to a series of successes
We knew what we could become
Seeing that the other would not or could not comply
Or become more than a liability
We had to cut them loose
Cutting them loose we began to come into our true potential

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