Slipping by the drops form on the glass and begin their long journey to the ocean
At last they have, slipped, become a thing of nothingness
No body to bind them, nor lake to take them
Lost in the air, they dance

Night in times of heaven
Alliteration of the corpses
The spirits all come out to greet us
And we are taken into their confidences

To make of yourself a missive launched into the fall air
You become lines of the lost seeking a time when they had known another
Yet a time when they felt not the way
But in time these words say ‘target acquired.’
And fall into the eyes of the other

As you ascend to the roof of the skyscraper
You study the verses you have written
As you fold the paper planes
You reflect sadly that they may be ground into the street by cars
Not picked up by passerby
You think on this

Walking down the path
Finding the goblins at the clearing
Watching their weapons shatter
Continuing on to the obelisk
Ascending to the lightning
Reaching for the ebb
Seeing your dreams vanish
Seeing the horrors of what could come
Running and running through the forest
A wraith cold on your heels
A wraith of heavenly raiment
Come to take you for your ills
The doom of the nation-state

And in the songs of Gypsies
The troubadors of of each era are heard
The light comes from the ground now
The sky dark as interstellar space
The hyphens divide and the semicolons interrupt
The thoughts that attempt to rejoin you

And in your dust, you pray
But the end does not come
And THE TALL BLACK MAN come into view
You are ineluctably lost

After you are voided
Erased, Destroyed, and Vanished
The Jasmine flowers rain down
Like crystalline hope
Dissolving away into the boundless ocean

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