Free Media Creators Strike Week!

I just had an idea while puzzling over what people are doing with Patreon,
[UPDATE: It appears poetry IS making money Patreon, in the range of $30 per month to $30 per piece (excluding people who also write fiction but including people who also write essays) Perhaps I can beat them]
that if a large block of people who make hot shit for free had a strike week (or month!) it might give a big boost to those trying to make a buck or those wanting to make the switch. I have not actually done the search on Patreon yet to see if people are able to make much off poetry there yet, but I am told that most people who hack a living out of that or blogging or what have you do in fact put in 40-60 hours a week. Now! Make “Free Media Creators Strike Week!” be a thing and go viral so I can become rich and famous (or perhaps make $300 a month anyway).

Sign up 1000 people to make it a go for 11-27 (Black Friday) to 12-3!

The First Free Media Creators Black Friday Week Strike!
[Note: looks like an excellent resource for many types of organizing efforts, from potlucks to protests to business meetings.]

Interesting fun fact: Black Friday is listed as a state holiday in 24 states on

Imag 'borrowed' from
Imag ‘borrowed’ from

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