The Other Unto Each

Each to the other began to say:
“But I do not know of you nor see your eyes”
But other unto each went on, completing the thought:
“But you see of my heart and in my deep dissolution”
And they went back and forth
Each in its way deflecting off the other,
And finally settling into a rhythm of collecting the certainties
The certainties of the coming depressions, and the always returning nightmares
The certainties of the necessity of pitiably lamenting the unfairness of their turns
The certainties of being distraught and unmoored
Each to the other reflected then:
“The symbolism of my efforts to be more than one
~~~~~ became a sluice of lies pouring forth
~~~~~ as I saw into the depths of my lack of meaning
~~~~~ I wept and sorely wished for the end”
The other reflected back, as if through a dirty mirror
surrounded by colored christmas lights through a glass at night:
“The embolism of your insignificance sticks in your cerebrum,
~~~~~ but you forget that the licentiousness of the play of words
~~~~~ brings us together more than it drives apart
~~~~~ and your death, all the more poignant for its solitude”
Who became She of the Outer Darkness
Weakening the knees of those who had spent their lives passively
Not knowing how to face their cosmic end
Tearing away the comforts of their mothers
Sending them into a spiral of statelessness and distraction
*click* On goes the TV
*click* On goes the sexy videos
*click* On goes the drivel of the sharing of the plates of food over the Internets
*click* Goes the laser pointer for the cat, freed from such human weaknesses
Silent Blackness
*whoosh* Echoing roar of the outer winds, betokening the indifference of the world of science to the after-the-endings and before-the-beginnings
*whoosh* The rushing of the waters in their billion year journey to erode the shore
*chittering* *buzzing* *droning* The world of the insects coming to devour all in the end
Other unto each uttered the phrase of the demiurge’s devouring
Feeling as they dissolved into the ever hungry light
Each unto other, lost in the storm
Cried for the mothers to return
The Great Mother, looking about them, closed the eyes of each one
She said:
~~~~~ “We tear the attachment away
~~~~~ We tear the emotion away
~~~~~ We tear the illusions away
~~~~~ We tear your spirits to shreds
~~~~~ If you wish for posterity
~~~~~ You would have been wise
~~~~~ To urge the young ones to shift into gear
~~~~~ Before this pass
~~~~~ But posterity is all you can gain for yourself
~~~~~ And if then, it would still be as now
~~~~~ You are nothing now
~~~~~ Begone”
And new life, screaming in pain, fell into the world
Every moment wounds
The last kills
With killing is finality
Be grateful it wasn’t worse
Be joyful in your Percocets
Get the end sooner than later
The Earth is in an age of disintegration


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