The demands of the new order were many and contradictory
But then in the space created we found a method
In the space created we found a method, and in the method we found our cold eyed calculation
The series of arts we had to walk through to meet these confusions
Was like the senile moments of our forefathers upon the Potomac
But when the liberty or death motion was put forth
Each took a moment to assess the value of their own lives
Many found that they preferred the status quo
But others found themselves with little to lose and much to gain
To tremble on the brink of such discussion is pusillanimous
The cold eyes of the aristocracy became our nemeses
The ships of the aliens were each named and numbered as ‘Enemy’
Never to let themselves forget of their aim
The cold fetuses of the aristocracy became the rallying cry of the simians
But such a thing could never bind a nation together thus
When one went to the well to draw water,
One risked being stabbed in the eye
But when one went to the square to speak her piece,
She was shouted down and accused of ‘witchcraft’
The commies were ever ready thus to take advantage of our opposition

I don’t feel like writing this anymore

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