Whirlwinds of Untimed Millenia

The red roses of fate litter your path
But this is a telling of your madness, not your fate
The armory was not divided by types
Each array of words held equal significance
And all bent to a delusional story line
To wit:
~~~~~ what was brought to bear was neither that but who, the
~~~~~ ghosts in the time machine like the ghosts of your innards
~~~~~ and like the ghost in the music machine; the grinders scream
~~~~~ and scream on without end, just as in each time a tremulous
~~~~~ voice precludes you, the screaming of the nearby circular
~~~~~ saws at night invoked terror, and although it was of a different,
~~~~~ and older, story, it was then of losing, losing all
~~~~~ through the great unchosen gamble. whence the jabberwock,
~~~~~ and whence the tubes? the ovules of all things
~~~~~ became the spores of the enemy, and in all your life
~~~~~ you found, and in all your life you became, although it
~~~~~ took a good twelve years, you became; now ever
~~~~~ winning, ever triumphing, while at the same time
~~~~~ ever the loser
in it, one of two thirds
for it, a bolt of lightning
to end it, carbon monoxide
and while not ending, seeing,
languid seething neurons under your scalp,
and to begin again, reseeding and cultivating
To wit:
~~~~~ the carbonaceous temper of contemporaneous things; ever
~~~~~ into the light we toil, ever into the light we sow, all
~~~~~ the meanings come into focus at once, but as they do,
~~~~~ the future potentiality seen through the lense of
~~~~~ the present grows ever distorted and delusional,
~~~~~ but seeing unquiet times you seek for rulers, and seeking
~~~~~ for rulers betray yourselves, and each time you do this
~~~~~ lose more and more, and then it was trauma, of
~~~~~ the beatings, needlings, and electrifyings, thus and who,
~~~~~ but you can see the fruits of the ill labor, thus and so,
~~~~~ but not ever, the climbing of the mountains never thus
~~~~~ so-so, and in the termites of the mound, as of which
~~~~~ never seeing but of who never knowing, the anger
~~~~~ of the policemen, yet thus so and so, in the stage
~~~~~ the foreplay of the set grows of paper trees and
~~~~~ evil altars in a grove;
Never as of which you can seem
ever then down into the well,
Always coming which way from that stage,
ever after growing the beanstalk to the sky,
Becoming yourself, and three ways of becoming other,
the grandiose delusions of the great significance of the words,
The mission followers ever watching,
and the asps and anacondas forsaking living in your dreams,
To wit:
~~~~~ the whirlwind comes to take you up to the sky, it has
~~~~~ formed and begins to come closer, ever following and
~~~~~ ever preferring, each way from sunday, all
~~~~~ ways were west, yet while all ways were west,
~~~~~ some were also down, or diagonal, all into the
~~~~~ sun you pour; this diamond of tiamat remains
~~~~~ ever into the stars, but the mastication of
~~~~~ the crenarcheota and archaea and cryptids becomes
~~~~~ in part of mystical significance, the atlas of the
~~~~~ cheerios and the flood of blissful temptations
~~~~~ becomes like the hanging of the candlestick
~~~~~ above the portal, each way to sunday was
~~~~~ the way to your heart, yet i failed in my dissolution;
~~~~~ the clues were all about, yet i failed; the angels
~~~~~ failed and god was away without leave; in all ways we
~~~~~ failed; in no ways did we falter; the warnings against
~~~~~ the false whirlwind to the overconfident ballerinas
~~~~~ were carried out, and the magic of the legend dwarves
~~~~~ magical were conceded from the inspectors. To wit:
Ah and the reversals you made were ever thus
But your life of ancient untimed past was of an other
Not of you, nor in the magic of the world of the virus cities
The dreams ever recounting and counting down to the end
Ever recanting and ever into untimed millenia saying:
“Figure it out, Fish.”
And ever saying:
“Never waste a forsaken, for your snakes tongues will turn into
~~~~~ human hands the moment your forsookness is discovered
~~~~~ and you will then and thence know loss.”
But ever into the silent and still midnight, we grow thus:
~~~~~ the night is upon us as the flourish of the trumpets play;
~~~~~ as in this night there is no salvation but only collusion
~~~~~ and disintegration, you become a vortex of planar
~~~~~ parts as the whirlwind thus bears down. in the
~~~~~ night the monsters come, as well as the moon-
~~~~~ faeries, and the titans of io, and the tigers of india,
~~~~~ in making your escape you run, picking up dirt and
~~~~~ debris within your vortex, becoming sullied,
~~~~~ becoming fallen, becoming glorious in your naturalness
~~~~~ and green magic of midnight, and then the whirlwind
~~~~~ takes you up, and you become one, ever powerful,
~~~~~ ever turning, ever destroying, and then all was forgot
And so it was those times
But the next moment is ever changing

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