Acid Tongue

Acid tongue
Not quite with the boundaries
Snapping apart at the seams
With a heart so soft it can’t say no
Sharpened tongue, takes offense
And gives it back
To be a poet
To be a liar
We walk through spaces of melancholic
Collections of books unreplenished
Lost, all lost forever
Sharp wit and a stable of characters
And too much tech knowledge but always not quite
Always not quite there
Waking long before the sun
Hardly sleeping at all
Wending its way through the networkd
Finding the cracks in the planes
Middling student though some excellent work
Organizing and straightening my aims
Problem outbursts in blackouts
Evil twin who comes to stay
No more oversharing, no thanks
No luck at all with endless women
Profile still blank after all these months
Afraid to speak afraid to truth it
Wait til you have a job and then decide
Acid tongue at times a e
All the times remembered lies
Take a job and take a corner
Bring it on and be your truth
Let forever be your path
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