Social Media (Updated)

I think that since I got back on facebook (after 4-5 years) and twitter, the shorter forms they encourage are improving my writing. But I left my computer in my Mom’s car so I can’t copypaste to show you right now [fixed]. Check this post for updates probably within a couple hours give or take if you’re interested. Not that I’m garnering tons of likes over there, as some folks do here on wordpress… but I only have forty facebook friends (and I like it better with this limited exposure though I may have to hide Patrick if he keeps posting every found or lost animal his shelter hears about and stuff that is just drek for me) and they’re not poets. And five twitter followers (but up from two last week). Maybe i’ll publish a book of facebook poems one day.

The silence of the breath / Is as the quiet of a rushing river / I dream beyond calmness / I sink into peace / I am only that which I am

The trouble with angels
Is that they look like the homeless
Hopping out of the box
One becomes variegated
Returning, they fizz and flutter
Cooking up, they resemble all the misplaced things
Violets betoken scurrying feet

A tremor runs through the dust / Sandworms fast approaching / The heat of passion rises up / Selecting your moment to take flight

The killer bees
Lurk in your drain pipes
Waiting for the slightest aroma of old fruit
To strike
But on the other end
Among the green lightning
The piskies await your return
When coming by thence
Release red balloons
But when going by hence
Go waify and wan

Making code like a pot of coffee / grind to bits, then drip, drip infuse into / transmuting dross of characters into fluid grace

In the disintegrations of the Pastafarians
A light goes out on a nearby street corner
Their chains stretch and thin before snapping
In the unleashed dark they ramble and roam
Encountering their voices, you become eerie
Walking until you meet one,
You see the face of your totem
Recounting the verses thus:
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