First Book Review: Don Sloan

First book review in! 5 “unqualified” stars! There may be some revisions before it goes to his main blog and Goodreads, because he doesn’t usually do poetry reviews and asked me to respond to his initial take. But here is the first flash: Amazon Review for The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore

“These are eloquent, lyrical staves, with vivid mental images and raw emotions bared.”
“I chose to listen to the poems through my Kindle text-to-speech app before reading them, and the result, with eyes closed, was remarkably soothing in some cases, intellectually stimulating in others.”
“Poet Cooper Dozier has written 36 soul-stirring poems that at once illuminate the mind and either stir or quiet the heart — depending on the verse.”

Don Sloan:
Don Sloan, Author Book marketer extraordinaire and professional reviewer.
His site with a bigger following: Just Free and Bargain Books

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