Snails go racing down DNS trees
Whales go pacing by porkers with bees
Symbols of longing and night to repair
Evils incumbent and people who dare
Liars resending all of their threats
Magistrates talking of judicial bets
Meaning fixed once and meter fixed twice
Aliens eat pumpkins and children and lice
Finding your boss alone in the steamer
Finding your nightshade and thus your redeemer
Holly-go-lightly and dumpy old Phyllis
Hawkeye and Pumpkin and don’t forget Willis
The eels reply with some GIFs of their own
The nightmares take stock and send bots to dethrone
The angels are beaming down boxes of light
The wendigos are throwing their weight with their might
Tripping with jellies and tripping with beans
Shooting with methods, ascending in means
All against one, and one against once
Truly believing that god never punts
Get The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore for only $2.99 (.mobi)
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