The Rising

Visions of looming conflict
The rising of fascism
In eternal battle with the rising of anarchy
Finally rising to a head
A need to be more active
A need to revolt and rise up
While bernie may yet save us,
The very Earth in peril of its life
Demonoid once wrought eternal
Wrought stones in a sturdy wall
Wrought truth of confusion and misfires
Bringing safety to the masses
Bringing natural order back into force

2 thoughts on “The Rising

    1. When I checked the polls a few days ago either democrat was winning 8 out of 10 against Donald. Those may have been land line polls. I think I heard on the radio bernie is winning internet polls too, but im not sure. It may have just. Been that donald wasn’t winning. We’ll see! There’s a petition started by Robert Reich asking the republican party to expel him, but that would probably actually reduce the democrats chance of winning. Not that they would actually expel him. Well see! It appears we may only have two hands worth of decades left as a species anywAy if the warming puts a halt to ocean photosynthesis and all animals suffocate according to a new study anyway. Unless we get our shit together much faster than we are today doing.


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