Exit traumatic vigilance in the pocket demonization of innocents bring your arms violence and destruction last chance to save the cold dead rock rock on diminish and discover revolt and rejoice rediscover and be free visions of demons and multidimensional puzzles exit through the dream world visions and destruction visions and violence trauma and panic revolt and rejoice build and destroy grow the integral trees and become rescind and rebind lie and deceive fly and fall zero in and kill live on the edge for once Rise Up and Die Rise Up and Die the zero hour is come live for it, live as you have never lived before lie and deceive intervene and subterfuge sabotage and attack protest and riot, in the comparative quiet of the riot, you exult. with the riot you exult. echo, echo echo but do not deceive do not diminish do not dream but be do not do violence but work life work magics majestic and claim your power. Lie or do not, the choice is yours. The rock is dead if you do not rise….

We are here to change the world. Not just follow rules, make money, and die. — Red and Black Anarchists on facebook

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