More Beautiful Dreams

Each become two in the night
One on the opposite side
Sending back and forth
Populating Mars with the green cells
Where only two had been before
Spreading the aloe buds everywhere,
Just in case they would grow in the cold desert
Helping the priestess give birth
After we had snuck out of the compound to spread them
The Martians were most grateful
The Mammoths teeth had retained some of our DNA
And insect helpers
The American Indians held them sacred
Would take them. A solid couple weeks. To transmute to metal.
The arena was filled with gold and other things
The playing field had been converted into a DIY monument to the Earth
The Earth herself.
The child ran along the roof, where the Starry Sky had been painted
Over and Over
Within the environment…
The war machine had been stopped,
At least for the moment
It was only just a video game after all,
Or was it?
But it still sought to seize the title
Hence the monuments,
To conceal and protect
The father yells not to run
Among the plants and the party
Where we and the Martians had gathered and met
It was uphill and hardwood floored
But I thought to myself
“Who says this is an airport?”
The queen and the princess
Thinking of exchanging men for politics…
I returned to them and said,
“Age difference counts for something”
And the situation was resolved
To everyone’s happiness
Someone asked me how darkness of skin affected attractiveness
But I interpreted it to mean, how attractiveness and physical beauty were related
Saying for me, I still like to have both
Although this may still be some flaw
The boxes and boxes of checked whiskey
At the top of the runway
I thought my gin might have been taken from my bag
But almost saw it, trying not to steal
Before I awoke
As the trucks and forklifts moved about
The place turned into a great greenhouse
As our speakers, not all human, I saw among the Martians,
They were applauded and extolled
As I went in to use the restroom
The store was open at 4 in the morning
Someone had taken my coat,
But I was leaving with my parents in the cold
Backing in to the warehouse,
I found that it all hung together through the multidimensional space

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