154th or so postcards



Froma louisvillian. There were
2 broken ones by the side of the
road. I tried to pick one up but it
refused. [something] a tremor
ran through me as I saw with
horror. But the gas was not all
burnt up yet. As we get closer so
will the urgency of the efforts
but it would behoove us to NOW
make a voice perhaps. Perhaps
I will meet someone. But who
? Where to begin? the method is
untested. two localities and
targeted but this does not ripple

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bit.ly/1QlxYvc … bit.ly/RjPvUg … bit.ly/1KRWaW … bit.ly/1mrpgi3
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[this is about how if the ocean warms six degrees, which could happen in 100 years, the phytoplankton may die out, denying us of two thirds of our oxygen supply, one about 3 reasons the paris climate deal is a fraud, and a link to the poem down below below on my site, psychicfuguestudio.net/poetry]

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we demand new order
Watch for spirit
But some things are true
Who wants to be in charge
Who is anxious about what is going on the next line?
Do you. Need. Customers.
Build many small matrix networks.
This is vital.
You must not forget.
Glass Bead Game Transience Transcendence
The dry bones of the dead pursuits are
_______ now in the reality of integrating into one
But we are in the throes of it
Being unable to stick to to-do lists
_______ is your weakness
this poem written specifically for you
ruling arts for some things

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