And full stop…

Nights of rocket fuel
Silver lines of the gloaming
Which takes on no characteristics of the dawn
How many people are there to think you good thoughts on the way to the angels?
How many are there to think you darts and malice on the sinking spiral?
How connected are we, minds to minds?
How does the flute trill and whisper?
How can it be that there are none others that know this?
The happiness of the days is mixed with ancient memories of dryads
The scent of the flock is of a woman you once knew
How happy the child, how happy the dog
What questions have you for the oracle?
What would you have of my mind?
What theorems and puzzle pieces gather in your box in the corner?
Whither the tiger? And whither the lamb?
Who holds the silence of eternity to their heart? Yet…. can we see that none is there but ourselves?
All is one, all is one, all is one
Nighttime on the Danube, travels the three toed sloth
And nighttime on the Thames, travels the sloe-eyed gin
Feathering together, we make waves for posterity
Feathering together, we become
Written on a phone. Writing on a phone is different from writing on a computer is different from writing on paper. Different words come out. Different brain sectors engage.
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On my throne I command the birds
To sing me
Pop songs
But they persist in their insolence
Of song bird revels #poetry

A time to love and a time to kill
A time to devour all the pills
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Book: “Ziggomatic Keys” #poetry
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Book: “The Driftwood of Our Live Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore” #poetry

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