some simple gloaming of the mind
rescind and replace is not to be
see things what they are and diminish not
there are apples and then there are crickets
but on the other hand there is love and there is pain
love in all its many various types and ways
some stumble on the artfulness, but i diminish not
let feelings subside and come into the wombat’s peace
all along you go, it seems as though people are talking about me …
everywhere i go
but i am accustomed to it
I slide not into despair
I slide not into ruin
I find a way
we will make peace reign again
So many slow ways to love
so many stumbles and trials
so many different people to discuss
or to discuss with
feelings to be broken out, not bottled up,
, but how?
how to see, how to do, how to retire, how to gloam?
some ways to the wiles but untoward goes the hurt
not unwailing but uncrying, we diminish and see
preponderance of spoons votes, of course, but weasels in the wires are unretooled
slime and buzzwords, chaos and might
theorems and antitheses, methods and tubing
a relation of requirement and a relation of willing
a relation of diminishment and a relationship to hold close
problematic is the scene of too many women friends,
m., or is it? my lady what dost thou speak?
of weathers and wizards and weasels and withers
the truck does onpile and smashing is scroot
but thence and be lonely compose and refire

refire reflame reflexive and nim
the zeroes are heros and all is reversed
diminish diminish and all we’ll refinish
but reeboks and rumpkins they come in three parts
fine and the wine we see and we know it
cancel all points and thence be uncursed
feel semblance and solace and be under the trance

[at some point around “the truck does onpile” the computer began having continuous seizures
until I lost the flow and train of thoughts completely]

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In the red dust
A symbol of longing
Impressed upon the Earth
Heeded by none
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I lost my feet and hands to obedience
But still I existed
I lost my eyes and ears to silence
But still I existed

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