Tremendous differences,


Heroes are figuring into this
Scriggle all the things!!
Site traffic surging
Several methods, including postcards
No donors, though…
Serious enterprise
Having fun ; much work
I have other things I ought to do;
Like homework
See all the sites!!
Get Soundcloud upload done
Sign Up! mailing list…
No site yet
Send mail to
Demolition of Doom…
Erection of Hope!!
Raise awareness…
Word of mouth
Sidewalk chalk
Build blogs
Get following
Have fun & enjoy
Buy postcards
[Need to fix Zazzle upload problem! Argh! What happened!]
Tremendous differences,Immutable changes ;
Turn down the thermostat, turn out lights
Millions of small differences
Buy less waste less (yes I already am, but mainly lack of money)
I don’t need much
Happy in my office all day
One page is enough
Book Samples:

Categories of things sift into conspiracies
Everything is a symbol of something else #synapticsyntactic

Your lines are all in disorder
Your hopes are all unreal
Your life is lived in statistics
4.5 Stars on Amazon #poetry

(Near) Complete list of projects and media online by me:
1000 Postcard Project:
$1 a month perks
Nifty web art + words project:
Book sample:
Book: “Ziggomatic Keys” #poetry
For the audiophile:
Book: “The Driftwood of Our Live Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore” #poetry

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