Haxfoomatic blurring of the discourse knockwurst of the blintzes of the horrific ideologies… singularly absent of demagogues until recently but on ly for a few years…

Dimensions of revolt and interior spaces .. I temized deductions and dedications of failures, one broken piece after the other threonine in on the zero failure of the itemized failure of success .. Gaia in her wisdom precludes you from speaking, but now you know…

Holy mother Goddess get me out of this trance and HELP ME! {Just as the dream figure is slashing your wrists singing ‘it’s too late. it’s too late.’ FILES in the sky under weather of and no effexor damnit !!! Clusterfuck of the seven counties services having difficulty with technology and (threatened but not actual) snowstorms and DAMNIT…

# 19 (Approach) changing to # 24 (The Turning Point) suggesting that at some moments you just need to allow the thing to come to a full stop before the next stage manifests and ANGRY

Damn but all Blessings aside we can recount aND demand and recount and no more recompiling the iterations of the fixes are in and all the determinants and all the holons and all the faery mixes retraining on the margarita of the dream and thats getting shot at twice in 2 or 3 nights in the WORLD-city of the dream and yes I sold the Sandman book, so what ? What else whas I going to do when I needed something?

Fuck it.


No Space Cowboys

Filtering out all the hypocrisies of listening in, get thee behind a firewall a if you are so so worried

All under the lovers or under the stars or both or which up is ways or method of retraction of syllabi or method of student strike . STRIKE all the matches spark all the fires retrun and refire refire and remold code the enemies in the bluffs of methodical hatred but not SO many misunderstandings and .. a ha ha aha .. what did you think this was a war of revolt? Just a monster trying to stir up trouble. THose shitheads out in the sticks sitting on a bird sanctuary… well I suppose they mightve gotten somewhere but really the people in the east where the early primary is decided do not care so much, but I digress….

Splintering of the nation is fine if you ask me, but this part is not of the friendliest for my sort, nor is it the most hostile… or is it? but only in subtle ways…


And the beer of the annexations is still sticking in the throats of all the remaining natives as the [censored] are allowed to bulldoze their artifacts because their armed [censored]s

Calculus is easy. What did you think this was, a game? Now … the Red States harden. Douchebag

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