{> no postcards today. I wrote ten but im far from in the mood to type them up. They will go straight to the mails <}

Itemized deductions and failures

All under the weather of the moon, but do you see? You do not see. Fool! I already forgot everything now code me up some better weather of the NOT $5300 billion dollars in fossil fuel subsidies.. ANy THUng but Thust. Duh. Doomfalls upon you all code. but do not respire. do not respire. do not respire in the spaces between your breaths nor in the Holiness of your sphincter. Code but do not lose the looking of your eye upon the extinctions event and DAVINCIs are not our concern right now so sit the FUCK down class.

Hold the wheels while I stick this needle in my arm for just a few moments…. butt the retraining of the methodical aliens locked into the idiotic verses of their reptile brians non-recoidingling of sphincters but in the alienation of the HOlocaust (Yes that one) you do not see the retraining of the Nazis by psychologists nor do you see them being barred from the economy, although admittedly some were jailed, some were hung, from few was taken their shit – ok on that last I do not know… but as to billionaires, they are excessive and while they might have earned a few millions, being brilliant is only rarely a part of it even then w and while , while there is money who cares? its just digital information with some somlailili fraction beingof the paper sort, and while the night is not upon you yet it will be on your children if you do FACE the problems and FIND some way to ARREST them… But nature never stops, so all speaking of arrest is idle . You must find some way of reversing the trend of their second derivatives, oh but if you never took calculus, forget that last. I mean its simple just look up the definition.

The iteration of the alienation of the aliens in the pretend suckfaces who do not know their asshole from a skyscraper can be of a sudden reversed of or it can e of sudden intensified… In syracuse and ithaca and all the other cities of ancient grease I live on, unsudden of the welfare, unsullied of the mind, dirt all over everywhere and none untouched by all the holy rollers you can muster, I shall slay every one in every sense but the literal if YOU DO NOT LISTEN



Closures of the plagiarism

Seacsing of the cows, or ceasing, as the case may be, and if not it was other, but if thus it was so, but if you do not trust me leave me alone…

Filtration of the digital reprogrammatic programming

Holons. Methods. Requirements. Robots. Synthesis. Legitimation


oops mom calls. time for coffee and rainbows

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