Fluid dimensions of apathy
Lacking the proper drugs, I…
Word to the wise..
Balance your neurotransmitters.

Become educated.
long time no see that one

Feelings after the digression
Method of distinguishing symbols from things
Tiredness after sleep and behind on homework,
But doing the best we can

Not particularly abstract these few weeks; so what?
Words on the screen, none on the paper
Diminishment of thought to focus
Artwork suffers
Damned elections
We shall see how it goes!

And never forget to: Ballyhoo!!

Save the Oxygen Please, Pretty Please?!

Poetry Ebooks: 5 stars so far “Ziggomatic Keys: Synaptic Syntactic” 4.5 stars so far “The Driftwood of Our Lives Washed Up on Some Foreign Shore” on sale 99 cents 2/1 to 2/4 and then $1.99 for three days, or something like that

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