Warriors, son.


Needling all the pieces

We draw in a little blood

Itemized catalogues of insight

Heroes all day collect terror
Twitterverse practically in my hand now
Building slowly, slowly burn
Never a utopia…
But at least they were not burning down the globesphere

But I digress…

The snakes and the angels are in agreement on this
The animals typify and lose
The moss did it once before,
Now we risk the people doing it again…
How much Oxygen is there on mount everest?

How long to repair

The pendula of the night-lamps strike me strangely

All to be done is ready
New post on Poetic Postcards
Small updates to Psychic Fugue Studio
A bit prettier, and adding a blog today to Save the Oxygen
Tweeting my message not to Iowa activists anymore (or those who tweet about them) but to people who tweet about #fossilfuelsubsidies

Image from a stop motion thing I did for a class and may one day get online.

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