Unsent Draft Text to Disappearing Girl

And now to lead with something nicer…

Unstudied shades lurk and swirl
A rose without thorns would be less sweet
A chance is asked but not demanded
A five for changing
A faery for blaming
A tweak-ed weekend
Becomes all the choices made
Assume not nor slander
Webs of darts and malice surround
But the boiling out of fear restrains the mind from chaos
The turnstiles were all covered in vines
Resound and vibe, bounce and gibber
We, All the Small Ones, are seeking our places to stand
Yet know peace of mind or do not
I care not a frog’s toe
Yonder days of grace will be found
And none too soon…
Twinkling eyes full of mischief show you the
way, and Lithe Dryads (R) slip thoughts into
your pocketses, while envy vanishes and you
determine your course without undue influences
[emoticons] dice, globe, easter island head, shooting star

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