A little piece of rhythm

Rockin & Sockin and Dippin and Dockin
I’m in your feature!
Animals pimped and twitched and stitched
Comin’ up the block with some motherfuckin’ clocks spinnin’!
Dreamin’ it up and dreamin’ it down, dreamin’ it clocked
…… and spinnin’ it round
Motherfuckers takin’ and seein’ in rhythms
Clock of the anthers and seein’ in prisms
Knockin’ it clocken it determining and fitting!
Breakin’ and killin’ and then mostly just skillin’
Itemized deductions some switchin and killers
And being and nothing and switchin’ and simple trillin’!
Closin’ and slippin’ and imaginin’ and trillin’
Something they go and something they say
Determinants of reason and all the simple plays
They’re around somewhere, we’re around somewhere
We cook it up and shoot it out
Chaos and theory and some simple skeery things!
Methodical answers and rippin in some simple tees
Blinkin and droppins and hearts of sharecroppin’
Deliver and siver and be it 96 sirs!
Poppin it shockin it deliverin & feelin!
Bein all things and seein whats realin!
[Goodwill. Party-time!]
Closin your wheels and instead just dealin’!
Driving millions of pieces of traffic
Winking slowly in the night-time
Closure before its finished
Written in some of the rhythms from Macklemore’s Thrift Sho which is a little piece of genius when considered with the video…

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