Truth is not found by adopting certain beliefor by social conditioning. It is the silent heart that responds to what is with detached clarity, untainted by emotionalism, that is always available, but very often ignored. It is experiencezd as intuitive knowing that sees through the problems, blocks and barriers conjured up by becoming overly fixated on achieving and attaining. It needs no support or approval. Whenever we are humble enough to respect the integrity of the inner voice and heed its guidance, the effect is a transformative one.

The inner  is the voice of your own inner consciousness that is serene and spacious, it never distorts it is founded on the recognition that is love love is your essential  reality, and that the denial of love is your essential reality and that the denial of love  is the source of all illusion and that the illusion of reality is the source of all illusion is the source of all illusion pain and suffering. it is the cool flame of awareness that eternally guards your birthright… the experience of inner peace.

remembering that your perceptions and interpretations are colored by your state of mind  not only sheds a light a different light on what you call reality but will assist you in in taking greater responsibilty for your thoughts and actions . the state of mind can be a shifting and transitory thing. and when it is it is not truth [im not getting all the punctation right] [and in other news a chick deleted and blocked me for texting with her for two hours when i got in back in touch after years. unkind] [this is inner truth by osho tao oracle 61] truth is eternal and unchanging; it never grows old; it transcends the limitations of space and time. the preoccupations and worries eh i cant type more right now. look it up.

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