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We all the small ones dreamed of our deaths

We dreamed of our deaths and in the rambling of picotant demonoid

heard of our ways and means

We all the small ones were not frightened

Death is but a return of consciousness to the great, a scattering

of photons

We the elaborate focusing devices dreamed, and in dreaming, we saw,

and in seeing, we did, and in doing, we dreamed, and again in

dreaming, we inflated, and in inflating, we lased, and in

lasering, we untangled, and in untangling, we floated

Of all the many verbing we were doing, of but one we stood out: in

greening, we freed, in freeing, we greened.

And but then, the Hatted Persons came upon us and inquired of that

to which we were accomplishing

We spake thus:

ever into the light we toil

ever into the dark we dream

till the stones and till the soil

even unto eventide, we do ever thus

and it was ever thus so

but see disclaimer

They further asked our multiplexed being of which, the how we might,

in the course of things, and as it was ever thus, and thus and

so, and sometimes other, be then or now, somehow doing

And we spake thus:

in the ever turning evening

we blossom ever into thus

and seeing our terrors not upon us,

we rest merrily

and seeing our lives blossom;

we dream into darkness,

and dreaming into darkness

we meet of and chatter with, the ever thus-and-so demonoid


The noble personages did a shuffle. Lighting a cheroot, they exclaimed

that it was ever so splendid and marvelous

With the noble personages we shared some pieces of our minds

We took arm in arm and walked off towards the sunset

We would introduce our new associate to the most picotant demonoid

And it was ever thus and so

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