Computer Weirdness

So last week, my old network name “shell&&dropper” moved in near my house (to me it was a joke a few years ago, it means a thing that can add unauthorized remote command execution to computers). Someone’s facebook profile in my family uncharacteristically invited me to a BDSM Dom convention in town (I said I was interested but missed it, I’m not into that kind of stuff though). All my online accounts stopped working and I couldn’t get a free email account anywhere, and password reset requirements were unaccountably extremely onerous. This while I was going cold turkey off phenibut (had my cousin keeping it in his room until I asked for it back) (not a willpower issue) . 5 days later delusional and hallucinating and seizure (vines growing over everything outdoor before my eyes among other things). After a couple days in Our Lady of Peace (the best mental health experience I have had, every weekday packed with groups, though I have also heard a report of abuse a few years ago from an escaped 14 year old with a posse trying to take refuge in a 21 and up establishment) I was very surprised to realize I was on the chemical dependency ward not the psychotic ward. After I got out of the hospital the network was gone again (but I saw it!) and alll my online accounts unaccountably worked again. That one russian site I had been inadvisably using still does not work, and that is not an account issue as I had no account. It does not help things that unknown assailants showed me 8 pictures of corpses out of 12 friends on the hampshire college directory (potentially digitally altered; COINTELPRO much? hadn’t hallucinated anything in the months since I’d been placed on leave and was not on drugs) [I had sent an email advocating an end to american hegemony to the campus announce list and the list admin had sent it on through to the whole campus. and later other emails to these twelve I can no longer remember… at least two (one on the list one not) fled to south america] [it was known that there were undercover FBI agents in the student body, although ostensibly just for hard drugs and cigarette trafficking] ….

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