Dash something off and move on to the things that need to be done…

In the arms of the ocean
Being all trued
Being seen for what one is
In entirety
Loss of keys and loss of clues
Recovery and stumbles
Jabbering among the apes nearby
Loss of methodical stillness
Loss of balance among withdrawal
Loss of chaos among lies
Loss of angels
Gain of roommates (*sigh*)
Really must not do that again
Not proving to be a willpower issue
Yet ups and downs restrict and imply
Yet unwilling to go back to treatment
Yet stilling the losses
Get them filled and take them only when you feel like it!
See and believe
Natter and trip
No way am I going to three doctors and a therapist
A bridge to be crossed
A need for something better
A few unbalanced days to be expected
Detoxing again, but more mildly
Let be, let be, let be
Let stop!
Lightning dances here
No one listens
The sound of explosions noted
The sound of God’s incipient gratitude
Demonoid spake thus:
.. Real of the night
.. Is not real of the day
.. Or it is, but you can never prove it
.. Loss of independence is costly
.. Loss of truth is harmful
.. Gain of energy, of motivation,
.. Is key to your aims
.. Slight return and capitalization of intent
.. Seizures are flukes
.. Hold to your own truth
.. Be lost amongst the articles
.. Hold to that which you know
.. “Sometimes paper is the only one who will listen to you” -twitter
.. Bully on it
.. Time to move along
.. Time to fall back in
.. To the real

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