A Challenge, River Nights

Something will always be left
Yet you know it never lasts
There is always time for more
There is always a way forward
A program comes closer to completion
The treble is rising to the sky
Clever methodical monkeys
The political process is breaking
The clever of the Angels rings you up with a collection
It went on like this for awhile
Looking for all the world like a trigger
Looking for all the world like a bogon
Like a breaking wave over the lines of the fascists
Like a wave of tremors overwhelming the detoxer
Like a challenge to the enemies of your eye
Like a theory of everything
A piece of changes becomes a way of redirecting snow
An anaconda wends through the glass
A tremor
A challenge
A theory
A threat
A massage
Your message is thus:
.. River nights
.. Cleave to your ancestors
.. The model of your toothless pains
.. The guesswork against the mysteries
.. A small connected and near omnipotent cabal
.. Runs everything
.. And consists of you and your friends
.. [Robert Anton Wilson]
.. See what can be thought
.. Bend the parameters of your mind

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