Stretch Marks

Sweeping under the rug
Going the distance
Pains in the stomach
Channels in the line of dreaming
A stripper in the night
Challenges to be overcome
A lock on the warriors
A balance to the angels
A truckful of illusions
A method of resumption
They take you and they leave you
A way to balance the burn
A chaos of keys and clues
You take the method of worship
And you break it into pieces
Cluck, Cluck, Cluck
Nighttime on the Danube,
The allegations were made and spread
The channel was open
The code came through
The living was wild
The recovery was rough
The crank baits were taken in
The fish were made strong
Allegations were handled through the intertubez
Skilling up was in progress
And all the base belonged to the Faeries
Clue in, clue base
He’s not a bad guy
Just bipolar sometimes

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