A Question of Retraining

We each go our separate ways after the course
There were things to be done and people to be seen
We were to save the Earth, and build on our successes
No one could stand in our way
A talk was had among significant others
A talk was had among city leaders
Small gains were made
One had been blown away by the weather
Lost among the junipers of alcohol
Sweating beneath the sheets
As it eventually became clear, he had been plotted for another purpose
Send the slow vibes towards me, and let me be free
Send the praises in the form of sustenance
Send the light among your peers
Break not and want not
This is the only Earth we have
Earth Activist Training
My Ebooks of Poetry (4.5 and 5 stars so far)
Stop the Oxygen Catastrophe!
Buy Activism Postcards

List of Sustainability Information and Resources
My Central Website
All you need to remember to find most of this stuff again.

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