“Fully lived fantasy lives in the first person literal will be expressly permitted within the confines of the game network and appropriate external effects.’

-From the nights and days work.

The diluvian spidersilk was spun into finer more branching thread than before or since. Look for it in physical and probably open source form in print and online when I have my first take typed and copyrighted. Basic equipment shall be duplicable in function. Original artwork shall retain rights. ASCII texts of any word appearing in the game in context shall likely be made available.
______ . .It could be many things other than a game in its essence, though.

In spite of all the linkage, still there were chaotic flows.

Perhaps changing a title indefinably (?) alters what is written thenceforth…
Perhaps..*..Unmistakeable yet astonishing change can spring from a linguistic device top game theorists gamble on in AI-like computerized casino games?

You will see what I have wrought soon enough.

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