Knots and Spiderwebs


In the heart of the dialogue
Exits were found but not yet followed
The time was Nation, and the place was the Last Outer Outpost
Flooding the streets the pickets
Notching up wounds inflicted were the Forces
The end of the chapter came too soon
And all dissolved into chaos
Let us see what can be done…
Councils were established
Defensive protocols for those who could
The distribution of needles was disrupted
The end of the gloaming retreated into silence instead of crickets
In your sex, remark on how suddenly things have changed
Allow all to be heard and risen
Chaotic proposals
Etheric bliss
None call it what it is;
But all know –
The microphone went where it needed to be
The levers were applied to move the Earth
Tensile strength, be damned
Chaotic students will finally graduate
All is well, and all is well, and all shall be well
Remote interactions fluff up the semantic drift engine
Let be, let be, let be, let do
Still the heart, and come to unity
Be unlike the the sound of Ocean waves
Timorously, you think on your death
But it is naught to be feared
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