The theory invalid
Just automatic negative thoughts
A little goes a long way
Just an attempt to scare
– –
How becomes a hero
Who becomes known?
Challenges for a long night ahead
A long night without rest
Unable to come together
The polity of the night
Chaos theory in the glue
No one around to see us
Things do not work that way, I assure you
And in time you return to normal
– –
Can’t be troubled to dance
When in the end you see
Cancel but do not close
Allow but do not rescind
Require but do not bend
Simplify but do not insist
Button up but stay in your right mind
Things always pass eventually
It may be awhile on this one –
Seeing into the nine sides away
Beautiful on several dimensions –
However not for you?
Who knows what time may bring –
– –
Carrying the burdens of life . . .

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