Living without the will to continue
The paradoxical blending of goods coming in with the bands
The mix of new things
The missing of classes
A battle of wills within
An inability to get a drink
Strung out from chance of loss
Too many days skipping food
A question of black void unavailable
The terminus of ridden waves of intoxication
Roommates new in my life
Upset and disturb all
Blooming social network in real life
Uninterested in me personally…
To a degree
But always ready to party
A one sided crush on one far younger
That wave petering out over days
Sinks clogged and furniture moved
Kitchen cleaned by another
Missing objects…
Be one with future success
Failures are events, not people
If one is to move up, one must persist
A leapfrog of theoretical questions
In the exhaustion of sleeplessness
In the weather of clarity
In the timeline of this musing
In the world line of this circle
Coming clear from the angel of resetting
Dysphoria lingering somatic
No help from the pill
SSRI, yet unhappy
No sleep from the white
A wish ever to switch off
A wish ever for this to end
A wish ever for another wave
A desire to repeat the unrepeatable
A desire for more unique magical exchanges
A wave of unhelpful exhaustion
A reason to make a close of this

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