Acid Tongue {&}

Acid tongue of only truth

Restrained, just barely

The ethically bankrupt parent: an uncertain quantity

But best not to poke a landmine . . .

Not my affair . . . .

My affair to judge, for myself, and to inform, others

But not mine to determine the safest course

The recipient of the threats, not made aware yet,

The deliverer: a rash actor, full of shit and malice, of no account, and without authority, and without reason, and without compassion, and without proportion, and yet, with a position of unjustified and cruel power . . . .

No concession made for what has been done right . . .

Neither patience nor compassion nor a thought of rightness –

The father tried to force his son into homelessness,

The son had the resources to find a home,

A model citizen, to my eyes, yet for all his labor, he gets threats of prison, without reason, merely in retaliation – for being homed, and having a defender

Beneath contempt…

Deserving of having his name dragged through his own boiling pit of his own shit and blood –

But the risk to my friend too great.

< { { and the certainty that the monster would have more lawyers, and appearance of propriety, to charge me falsely with libel if I took that course, however true and justified. I spit upon the scum. } } >

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