Evolution of Terms: Syntactic Semantic

Visions of night forgotten
Loss. Gain.
Finally sleep overtook
Awaking finally, imagining suicide by various methods…
Rising and moving after much delay
Forgetting all that –
What do I really have to do?
Nerving up and checking the syllabus
Finally deciding that it is doable
Although so much class missed
Life is complex,
We all have our things to carry
The paradoxicals of what becomes good in bad, or bad in good
Low power forever, carrying traits among us, singling one and another out,
Safety among numbers …
The network playing its repetitive rhythms
Following the cycles of the sun
Coming down into the era of work
Endings to the era of school
We make some plays for gain
We slip and make days and weeks of losses
In the changing vibes of rescindment
The spiderlings fan out and seek prey

< { Interjection: A mind insistent on its satisfaction;
A place of seniority for your mollification;
A channel of crosstalk that carries all significance,
Layerings of encodings to be managed and separated,
The knowledge of how to manipulate and mutate symbology } >

The flexion of carrier waves
Pieces of our hearts resonating in time
These images remind me of certain things
Though not the story, not at all the same story –
No tales are told, nor are they wasted
Do not alert to the prescience of questioning
Do not alert to the irrationality of certainty
If the edges of the alleyways are not where we come together –
Where, then, do you feel in security?

< { Aside: The timing of the work
Becomes an inconvenience
The rules of the household
Become a speed bump to disregard
The insatiable appetite
Abates and draws away
Each time there is sleep,
There is also becalming
Each time the wind,
A new face to behold > }

< < < Our names are not our fathers’:
< < < Our ways are not our own entire;
< < < Our symbols take in what was lost
< < < Our drives take in what was discovered
< < < Our hearts pour out when they seek relief
< < < Our feet take us wherever we wish, except when otherwise by exception
< < < Improvement in terms and in the slight return of methods
< < < Functions befouled are replaced or retooled;
< < < Let not the difference of two pints deter you . .

The fragments of burned rhythm
Magnetize, and restick in new geometries
Synaptic Jabberwocky arrives and aligns
Alleluia, the coming of NIGHT!

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