trickery, trickery, trickery .  . . yet nothing in your mind is so certain ; ] ; ]

everyone (%) misses and overlooks everything they see . . . / / /

there is no logical closure : :

there is no end to possibility : :

there is no impossibility whatsoever : :

any geometry of ‘rules’ can be translated into any other . . .

there is no barrier between any possible universes/multiverses/planes/whatever-you-wish }}}

we may name these rulesets anything we wish or desire $ $

rewriting the methods, habits, and practices of money is a trivial problem, and already done; the trouble is the peoples@s do not fully grasp and accept this fact * * *

although it takes a smidgen of effort and relaxation and wildness to do it, it is possible to suddenly transmute across multiple dimensions of cosmos’es

you may not remember it flawlessly % * # % * #

yet a journey through the dreamworld may forever change you;

and it will almost certainly be better  than any movie =

or any other type of entertainment } }



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