Digital Slivers


While art may at times be disturbing,
It is up to artist to say..
Whether this be art or truth
Chaos struck on the chords of facebook’s hearts
Unable to say, leap to conclusion of disturbance
While playing war songs on YouTube
Chaos theory of politica becomes nanoparticles of dust
Not to say always managed seriously
Nor to say ever unincensed
In the night the werewolves come
Villainy in their minds and blood on their hands
Yet untwisting the mind can be poetry rather than violence
Too late for some, too late for many
Political aims credited yet different aims and means
Sickly demented persons wickets away from their nine
Each title rammed down, each lesson unspoken

The slivers of glass, not to be eaten by ogres
Nor to be tormented by the furry cobras…
Flight and flags raining down everywhere, signs and more signs,
as multitudes teleport in
Trickery awake and aware but unable to know peace
The work ahead a long journey, not too sloggy we hope

Jump further in pieces of armor of heart
Slight chaos and disappointment
The wisdom of the electorate profoundly off or stolen
Chimed the midnight, “Nevermore”

It is up to artist to say..
Whether this be art or truth or nought or neither or both
Or to keep silence on matters of which words were which

“Sometimes paper is the only one who will listen to you” -source lost
“A writer who isn’t writing is an intolerable beast” -source lost


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