Additional Notes: KDP Poetry Formats:

Adding onto my recent Poetry Formatting for Kindle (2016 update) here is another key I had not yet remembered to learn but which is a requisite for successful self-publishing with KDP: Make Table of Contents in Word 2010 That’s Clickable in Kindle

As it happens I have OS X 11 and Office 2011 instead of Windows 7 and Office 2010, but judging by the looks of the Word interface, everything should still be gravy. And I saved my final Word file after fixing all the line breaks and indents as well as the original and every step in between in different version codes (filenames), so I’m all ready to go. There may be some font issues I still need to learn about, but she says the user can change them any way…

[ [ NOTE: short of learning to use a versioning system like Git (designed for coders) or getting and learning some app for novel writing, the file naming and folder organizing is key if you don’t want to lose stuff, and also if you want to preserve earlier drafts, reorganizations, cut ups and collages, etc. ] ] …. { { One reason I love TextWrangler, it allows me to have as many documents open in a single window as I wish, all listed in a sidebar, with the ones with unsaved changes highlighted, and still multiple windows, other options, etc. (‘soft wrap text’ is key for prose writers wishing to work in TextWrangler plain text, and I just checked, you can indeed set soft wrap to be default } }


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