Bits of Code & Invective

New sidewalk chalk after very little of late: {

method texture

~(watch for sprites)~

enact polymorphism

contract naught


did it down at the corner this time instead of in front of my house for more eyeballs. most people ignore these, it seems, but perhaps they do something for those who don’t ignore them. hopefully the clouds will pass without more rain. i have also done things at locations around town (particularly bellarmine campus), but for the quick and dirty thoughts, being able to walk to the target spot is good.

Re-reading “Ziggomatic Keys: Synaptic Syntactic” in search of the proper title for the edition with the new cover image and all formatting fixed, unmatched addenda excised, etc. Problem is ‘ziggomatic’ will draw zero search queries on amazon, and ‘keys’ will be deluged in many more popular offerings in the results. I think I will call it ‘synaptic syntactic’ for the title, but i’m still working on the subhead (and which of the rejected bits to include, as definitions, before the contents)

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