Smash the Stack (syntactic vehicle)


clarence, whence thy clarity?


chaos & crustiness…

Searing flesh fills the pails of the aristocrats – – –

Loss and timing come close together

TIME!, that greatest most gargantuan of ILLUSIONS! 11105

Slide and syllogise, decorate and recreate, excoriate and bloviate

All the many things we undertake, we undertake and do all the things to which we are allowed, except for those to which we dislike, and also many of the things to which we are forbidden, my friends, and yet ; . . . → ∑

Sloppy in our executions, we also,

Our feet took us every which-of-where to which we desired, as well as many to which we did not…

We danced and we sowed, we jumped and we dreamed

In dreaming we became other than what we were, and shouting down the invading werewolf with a cry of \

LOL- RA – RA!!

To which they responded, under their breaths, the craven thing, i’m gonna eat’ch you.”

Repetitively we beat this drum,,,

Chaos theory notwithstanding,

But under the covers things were otherwise and not-of-so, yet always the same, yet ever changing and shifting and shimmering and flickering, yet always of the darkness of the abyss

I abound with the contrapuntals of life

Contrappasto, the Demonoids waxed and they waned, they seduced and beglamoured, the flirted and batted with the lashes..

Similarly of a different color all the finches of anomalousness became other than their own colors and of colors of a different dimension,

In our own time, we wept and we exulted, we rose and we teleported

All the atoms being smeared across subspace;

Acrostic and encryption was the lesson of the day in the 4th form

In the bellies of the angels, the stars grow their wings ; ;

LET THERE BE LIGHT! [ [ { { Firelords_flame } } ] ]


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