Vapid ramblings of unbound mind

Flows pain me to think, but I prefer the mindless

Candle Burns holding sacred space, incense streams, as Sacred Dove sits in witness

Hypnosis of goal finding, lies and excuses to boot; lift me up, make me something to sell

A prayer is thus said, a choice is thus tAken, false self-obsessed friends abandon, those who remain, we know . .

No lovers, lo these many years, a time of growth, expelling demons, gaining boundaries and assertions and the strength of ‘No’

No, I am not what is spoken by that one, no you may not show up at 545am drunk and expect welcome anymore, no I do not need your mathematically looped prejudices and complications, no I don’t want to listen to your chained series of chimerical delusions, nor Your repetitive blogs about how aweful all the others are


In time two saints know, that in their virtue they had lost all vitality and significance

In time they see they awoke too late, the world has already spliced their bloodless pronouncements into its social, technical, and legal D/RNA

In time the march of the fascists, in time the march of the imperious judging mind

Divide not into worthy and unworthy, respect difference, seek to understand and be understood

Yea, all life is sacred, yea, all people are granted basic respect . .

Admiration of The Star, Exaltation of the Ace, the 8 of Cups . .

Departing in disgust

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