. . . hexavalent charms

Gumdrop insanity

Closes in the walls around you

Brickbats and booleans

Crump and bumble

Our tastes take us beyond questions and into interludes of posterity’s crazings along neocortex of Gaia

Alert! No stability becomes a sinkhole . .

Exheunt! Pions and crayons, forget never the basal ganglia :

To wit: one ring to rule them all

To wit: neural networks of 7 layers linked

To wit: the virx bird of fractal emergent formal systems

To replicate: a synonym of harmless vices

All crew stick to the orange ley lines

Bring in one amongst its enemies, yet softly, softly, wait and bide

Alkaloids and triterpenoids, hydroxypropene and knight to j.9.3÷

In one space, blattering rain

In the other ear, notes of cigarette paper

Out of the eyes, gaze of Cupid

Out of the mind, hexavalent charms!

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