Magic Star Time, 2

Looney Toons is in arrears

Faith does not save me, yet nor does doubt

A balance of body, a balance of mind

The creeping exhaustion, ever ready to pop in

Holy Mother, in whom we live, move and have our being…

Guide me and strengthen my focus and will

Lift me from my dissolution

Help me lift myself

Stretch my limits, and become other than waste

Let me see the best choices in seeking my fortunes and independence

Lift delusions from my mind and see me complete…

Vines grow by the end of the garden

Captured mouse marks kitty’s 2nd kill

Let us not ruin our precious Earth

Violence bestrows it and technology ever growing

Shift our minds to paths of preservation and peace

Let it not be so that we care so little for future

In peace, rise again, Father Star

Let it be the first day of enduring healing

Let it be said…

In grace and thanks…

Fight for justice…

Go if you must stay if you will,

Thanks and farewell

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