Cosmic Clarity in Scribbled Verse

Simple in the titles

Create hundreds of crafty hashtags

Be lost among idea-seas

Yet all ‘mongst puzzles

Create cryptograms of verse

Cryptograms of Cosmic Glue –

Much work to be done, much..

Crystalline species of thoughts

Yet by-the-by,

Theorems quaint & fructulous –

Dancing series of glycemic indices and transmitter functions

Balance a sign for infinites on your hat,

Querelous ideas of rue & placement

Thinkup along different lines;

Infinite much different works to fork & align

Tremors ran through the dust..

Aftercare and product designs, intellectual property and questions of funding..

Budeokbudeok, sound of ivy growing up the wall,

Sounding as if someone’s been smoking salvia divinorum or Symmetry

Questions index three datagasms in complex spaces

Reverse topside for lookingglass-ways

To see is to be, to vault is to resimmer, collapse of naught,.. Never fail in your insistence to live wise

But see End User License Agreement if Cosmic Clarity is again lacking…


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