Self-Concept Commutative Telegrams x0001

In times of rain, in times of dust

In times of all being put together by permutations of singular units

We think carefully of our issues and action plans

We think of each one being empowered to choose

Elements stack and align, each of our peptides has different things to say

In shade of gloaming shadow, the Piskies prepare the tricks for They

While each to the other recounts tales of how rebellion had seemed to them,

But this is early, the moment is not yet come..

In art, wait a few moments, not always striking the first thought down

Eyes follow from the walls & mirrors & trees & birds & paintings

Each to the other chanting

Think to yourself of gems,

The street-cars cross your path with endless bipedalled mysteries

Telegramming one another cues

A self-concept obsesses over past eddies

Yet always able

To burst forth in blooms of riots of the zeitgeist



[10/29/2016] Just submitted this for the West Coast Eisteddfod Poetry Competition, the winner of which will be published in The Seventh Quarry. No entry fee, and previously blogged/published work is accepted! ::

3 thoughts on “Self-Concept Commutative Telegrams x0001

  1. selection for the choosing… ‘the choice of such as she’. ‘Thank God that is all over with…come into the cabin. I think I still have some of that good cheese…’ ‘I once went all the way to Aspen, Colorado for her’. ‘She used to play a game called ‘Squelch Welch’.’ Ouch. We’re all right there on the branch. Act like you’ve been there before, they say. And that’s the rhythm of the time

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