Unitarian Panpsychist Prayer

While at treatment, reading Nicotine Anonymous, and pondering that Higher Power had always been a bit of a nebulous philosophical concept for me, I decided that in order to ask to be free of nicotine, I needed to craft a prayer of my own. Reaction was very good on sharing. Our house dialectical behavioral therapy coach called it ‘rad’, and an Episcopal chaplain there in our house called it ‘theologically sound’. Reaction was also good at treatment open mic. Although I draw from numerous sources in my concepts including Evolutionary Witchcraft, Daoism, The Schroedinger’s Cat Trilogy, Chaos Theory and Emergent Systems, as well as Psychedelia, I actually do rather little magical practice and prayer has never been part of my process. But there is a great deal of life wisdom in Evolutionary Witchcraft, & T. Thorn Coyle’s later book, Make Magic of Your Life, which she describes as not a witchcraft book, but for general interest. It appears prayers can actually be answered… The wording is quite particular. I encourage you to use it or craft your own.

Universal Principle,

Who goes by many names & all names & no names, who is all genders & no genders, who is eternal of eternities, who is infinity of infinites, who is all things & some things & no things & void, who is in any being at any time, who is present in all worlds, both real & imagined, help me this day to be my truest and most whole self, help me this day to come into righter relationship with all beings, especially those close to me. Help me be of service to others, Universal Principle, & help me [act or be or blank] in right relation to myself, also. Great One, may I choose rightly of your endless intentions & possibilities for me. Who is All Faces & All Places & All N-Dimensional Spaces, Blessed Be. May I always remember, I am also Holy.

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