Samplings of Charted Elven Topologies

Elephantiasis attacks of superhumanity

Reads like chapters 1 through 4 of Wegman’s Complaint

Seeing the falling cherry blossoms –

Forms of hobo artisanship reign over her like fine cognac

But in disturbed sleep of the pre-dawn,

Spirits & werewolves try to drag you out and devour

Seeming ever to be ready –

The queens crossed scepters; the glade ran with violet blood

One to the other chanting,

“Of this but not that, but only if topwise; of questions not exclams, and those times when starstruck; of bakers in bowlers, they say ‘oh, too true’, with djinni and devis, to thine own self be true…”

But in the diterpenoid land of grace,

Roles reverse over superspaces, devious art is inflicted as granfalloons spawn

One to taste and one to take in, one is found and one wanders aimless, one is method, a third is madness. Taking to Queensland the overflow roundabouts…

In a switchy kind of way, the mogwai do show wisdom

In a vanishing axis, the topologies sprout paradox

In a midnight monologue, the open set is crossed in

And in the hazel field of schema, solutions permeate collectively wise

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